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PERSONA – a jigsaw puzzle sculpture to improve our world-image – CURRENTLY EXHIBITED DURING DDW eindhoven @ Sectie C – Hal H

edit1 IMG_1037_ IMG_1040_ IMG_1041_ IMG_1042_Totems and Collage laser-cut and engraved in Birch Multiplex.

Why try to get a more positive self-image: A suggestion to change your whole world-image.

These wooden engraved elements represent ways in which we identify our selves as animals of the totem or even take on a whole new persona by wearing a dramatic mask. Izaak Imagery expresses this fascination through pareidolia (= when inanimate objects are perceived to form faces, animals, meaning). We recognize parts, but cannot always pin down what it is. Izaak collects and makes collages out of these faces: Are they human, divine or something else? Do we recognise ourselves in them?
These questions can become existential fears. Staring into
such objects can remind us of the past, legend , myth, rituals,
symbols and icons, the realisation will come that the positive
representation of the images will take their perceived meaning and shine a different light on them.
This object can be remodeled to personal preference, a possibility to reshape our overall perception, something we cannot so easily achieve in our sometimes troubled daily lives.
Together these embrionic shapes and unborn symbols can establish a connection of a primary poetic language.

izaak_cernunnos__fin-01-01-01 izaak_masked__fin_shaped-01 izaak_rabbitty__fin_shaped-01

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Dick Bakker – IMAGINARY ESCAPE(2011)

A poem comes to life through video, stop-motion film and sound. The poem describes how external pressures can inhibit our creative needs. We run the risk of losing ourselves, but escape is always possible.

This video which was made for my Graduation in the department of Man and Communication on Design Academy Eindhoven is composed entirely by Dick Bakker. SFX by Dick Bakker.

Music by Aranis – Vala

Imaginary Escape

“Wat ‘n prachtige dag”
zei hij iedere keer weer.

De jongen vanuit Moeras,
gewekt en verbaasd,
ziet de machinale snede van voortgang; kerft
trefzeker door stroop.
Kristal en Lood verborgen door
lagen smurrie. Drommen blinde gevangenen
Vanuit hun wankele kooi
Verwijten de Dromer valse hoop,
hoewel hij nooit is teleur gesteld.
“droom met me,  alsjeblieft, droom met mij”
Ieder moment geobserveerd, verwerkt,gerapporteerd
en ontdaan van franje.
Ziet hij alles even helder,maar
de trage gelaagde massa bereikt hem weer.
Van geborgte, verloren.Soms gedreigd.Vervult schilderend ‘n werkelijkheid
Een keuze.
Bepaalt: “vandaag is de mooiste dag”.

drukt stoffige hysterie
tot wemelende wolken
een tevreden glimlach
als een baal achterna.

Rest n lege plek,
waar die jongen zijn wereld zag.
Soms zijn gedachten een spel
op de wind.