PERSONA – a jigsaw puzzle sculpture to improve our world-image – CURRENTLY EXHIBITED DURING DDW eindhoven @ Sectie C – Hal H

edit1 IMG_1037_ IMG_1040_ IMG_1041_ IMG_1042_Totems and Collage laser-cut and engraved in Birch Multiplex.

Why try to get a more positive self-image: A suggestion to change your whole world-image.

These wooden engraved elements represent ways in which we identify our selves as animals of the totem or even take on a whole new persona by wearing a dramatic mask. Izaak Imagery expresses this fascination through pareidolia (= when inanimate objects are perceived to form faces, animals, meaning). We recognize parts, but cannot always pin down what it is. Izaak collects and makes collages out of these faces: Are they human, divine or something else? Do we recognise ourselves in them?
These questions can become existential fears. Staring into
such objects can remind us of the past, legend , myth, rituals,
symbols and icons, the realisation will come that the positive
representation of the images will take their perceived meaning and shine a different light on them.
This object can be remodeled to personal preference, a possibility to reshape our overall perception, something we cannot so easily achieve in our sometimes troubled daily lives.
Together these embrionic shapes and unborn symbols can establish a connection of a primary poetic language.

izaak_cernunnos__fin-01-01-01 izaak_masked__fin_shaped-01 izaak_rabbitty__fin_shaped-01

IMG_102_ IMG_1017_ IMG_1018_ IMG_1019_ IMG_1022_

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