Opwippers – traditional Eindhoven folklore part 1 – queer spirits

!ZAAK !MAGEry has been cooperating with a host of local folkloric entities, some only native to the eindhoven, campina and de peel regions, in order to give them a renewed home and bring awareness to the public collective consciousness.

In our folklore, we find lessons and mistakes that were made in the past. These beings have taught us through their stories, so we can still learn and grow as humans despite our continuously changing and sometimes worrying state of our planet.

If we treat our innermost fears with understanding and respect, we will find ways to overcome them and make them part of our life as equals.

Especially for DayDayGay 2017 Dick Bakker’s !zaak !MAGEry has invited some of the queerest titillating hidden creatures. Derived from Opwipper (Hopper ) theories in folktale they will meet Visitors to the Dutch Design Week. They will astound and surprise with their fabulous tricks, glamorous looks and ancient origins. Their presence is rooted in local history and they want to make people realise and more aware that in humanity’s social cultural Nature.

” Queer spirits have always been here”

These various images have been produced as collages of printed paper on canvas and are available for sale in 20×30 frames

The project is the starting point for a illustrated publication on contemporary social phenomena explained through traditional local folktales from the region around Eindhoven .

The creatures are explained below :

1. Nekker

De nekkerman, nicker or necker is a physically manifesting phantom that appears as a large muscular black manlike creature that lives in puddles. It is the keeper of the souls that drowned in that particular pond, which he keeps in upside-down jars.
It is a trickster spirit, that will jump in your neck, becoming invisible to unnoticeably wear you down.  Especially tradesmen with a large load are often targeted by the Nekker when they go to town to sell their goods.
Sometimes robbers who lie in wait for the tradesmen to arrive they will give up; the neck saves the trader while still having his way with them. A grateful trader knows this and pays tribute to the souls in the pool – often the necker will tell prophecy of their future in appreciation.



2. Deeprik

The Flodderduvel (floppy devil) or Deeprik (creature from depths) is a being that resides to the northwest of eindhoven , in the fenns of swampy areas, it is pale and the size of a young cow, with giant froggy tonguelike hands and makes floppy noises in the watery grounds when it approaches you.. Starting with sucking your feet, It will jump you from behind while it licks you everywhere with his enormous slimy tongue. The exhausted person has to give in until the Flodder is done.


3. Gleuige

There are many stories of the Gleuiige – about it’s roaming the countryside. reasons for his curse as plentiful as the sins he committed in life. He is
looking to have someone absolve him from his sins. When you go into the Peel at night alone at night the spirits of sinners will surround you in its sulphuric flares. The type of Gleuige that lurks in the swamps, waiting for attention. looks vlike a lone stranger that is eager for contact and may seem kind and friendly asking for a smoke or a chat. Do not be fooled! Do not invite them home, for pleasure or amusement, for your sins will be shown for all to see. The Gleuige (Glowing One) comes with you after the invitation. if you let him in he will consume you to become a glowing one immediately. Your only chance to survive is if you refuse to let it enter. it will wait at your door and it’s all consuming fire of desire will show that you invited the Gleuige to join you. Over night his cinder will char your home . Their sins will become yours and you will slowly become a glowing one at your passing ,which will cause you to roam until you pass on the curse of sin




4. Kobold

Kobolden or “goblins” are a species of earthspirit that only comes in a male form . They take their social behaviour from all manner of sources . Transvestism, drag and other human genderroleplay are important expressions. They do not understand the purpose of clothing , but find it an entertaining accessory in their quest to understand human behaviour. Why people cover themselves up is one of their big fascinations. Genitals and bodies are too much fun to cover up but, dressing up is to them a source of fun as much as pleasure is.

5. Mare

The “mare” is a physical summoning of an incubus through a sorcerer’s spell. The sorcerer chooses someone they like, generally an unrequited love.
The incubus is a demon that takes its power from the ejaculation of the male. By rubbing and twisting the hair of the chosen object of affection the sorcerer can appear as a horse,
being ridden through the night by sexual intercourse. the person under the spell of the sorcerer exhausted from their sleep puts their last bit of life energy in the orgasm which the entity can absorb .


Do not fear the werewolf. although there have been often accusations of murder. the curse of the werewolf that befalls the seventh son of a family, culturally people have always been aware of the full moon transformations, so precautions were taken. A werewolf in the netherlands is recognisable by day by their unibrow and general large hairy appearance . A werewolf can change generally into several other creatures, a hare or even inanimate objects like shiny spheres . In his wolven form he has a bushy foxtail retaining a large part of their human features, contrary to actual wolves.
Werewolves will meet when the moon is full, outside city borders, with other of their kin, playfully challenging eachother in their pack . Regular men who go out at night on a full moon will get jumped by these creatures and some have chosen to partner them, in order to relieve them of the unconscious proces. Werewolves generally can contain their curse in a small power-artefact. Particularly pieces of fabric, like handkerchiefs which they keep visible as a warning . They themselves cannot destroy the curse or the object but a lover can through the ring of marriage. Like the mare, eventually the wolf-part will cause them to want to roam again.

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