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Dick Bakker is a designer who is fascinated by researching, observing and questioning what is considered common knowledge. He observes historical and often long lost expressions of art, culture and behaviour , taking these in as inspiration.

“Why do people do the things they do? What are their unwritten rules and traditions? How can I help people to become more aware of their behaviour, which can then make them happier?“

He graduated Design Academy Eindhoven Netherlands at the department of Man and Communication. There he learned the ins and outs of graphic design and all of its facets, such as design in illustration, animation, video-montage, photography, typography, editing text, sound-editing, package design, exhibitions and to work with programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and Indesign

This all amounted into developing a unique combination of media and style that Dick Bakker defines as !ZAAK !MAGEry. !MAGEry evokes an !mage in a non-specified medium. With the intention to inspire new thought, it creates new patterns in the imagination. A slow seeping leak between physical barriers , the !maginary world of !ZAAK gradually takes over and updates reality.

The work as !zaak !MAGEry are divided as, but also combine into three main inspirations: Visual, Words and Sound.

His Visual !MAGEry implies an inspiring mix of graphic design, typography, photography and illustration, which !ZAAK !MAGEry can provide for you. Custom made drawings, imaginative atmosphere or a subversive campaign.

Words: as a visual expression, Poetry can be used as a method to convey the power of words in a visual language. The consequence is that more complicated philosophical messages can be unified in a seemingly simple drawing making the message clear to the broadest audience.

His aural !MAGEry suggests a landscape of sound. As such !Zaak !MAGEry has created a variety of sound-scapes. Autonomous art-projects, headphone-poetry, historical soundscapes but also Haute Couture catwalks for Edwin Oudshoorn, Exhibition design for Floor Kraan and Marieke Peters

Under the moniker of DJ SPACE!boy Dick Bakker performs as a DJ ,  playing with near-encyclopedic knowledge of influential and exciting music weaving contemporary music together with sounds of the past. Deeply sensitive knowledge of musical genres clashing,in both underground and mainstream culture put him in the ideal position to create the perfect soundtrack for all circumstances.

Accompanied by  suggestions of skills and other ways that i can help you achieve the highest level of quality in Graphics, Illustration, Word or Sound through consultancy.

contact me at izaakimagery@gmail.com