Project Phonograph

Phonograph is a proposal for an application for Android-smartphones that makes it possible for people to create their own historical soundscape and experience it on their visit to a town. Phonograph was named after Thomas Alva Edison’s invention from 1877 . That made it possible to record and play sound. Phonograph gives a selection of sounds that have been lost from the immediate surroundings of … Continue reading Project Phonograph

:-) a Project of Public Smiles

  Public Spaces in cities always contain many different rules and prohibitions. These rules make the space useable for large amounts of people, but the rules themselves can seem forced upon the individual that uses the space. By creating and positioning unusual and existing “possibility”signs I emphasize what is allowed, which adds a smile to the user-space. That smile helps people to relax and it … Continue reading 🙂 a Project of Public Smiles